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Family RV Center Launches 3D Virtual Tours!

We had the pleasure of scanning 55 New RVs in 5 days to bring 3D Virtual Tours to the Family RV Center website and enhance the shopping experience.

Now customers can explore virtual tours of Luxury RVs from anywhere, at anytime, from any device with a truly immersive realistic experience.

We asked a few questions from the owner Gabe Cherry of Family RV Center to get his thoughts on this new technology, and here is what he had to say.      

What made you decide 3D virtual tours were right for your business?

"We are always looking for new ways to engage our customers and enhance their shopping experience with Family RV Center.  3D virtual tours were a natural step in providing our customers greater access to our large inventory to shop for the perfect RV.  We have clients from all over the country that specifically come to buy from us because we have the largest and most diverse RV inventory in west Texas and this new technology makes it easier for customers to see what we currently have in stock, get a realistic feel for the space,  and then come see us in person." 

Do you think 3D virtual tours will deter people from coming out to see new RVs when shopping?

"Virtual Tours are not going to replace the shopping experience customers receive when they come to Family RV Center in person.  Instead, it gives them a realistic idea of what to expect when they come to see a new RV for the first time in person. After a customer comes to us to see an RV, we can send them a link to our 3D virtual tours. This gives them an opportunity to go home and re-live the experience of being in the RV they are interested in.  That can help customers decide which model better fits their needs without missing any specific features that may have been overlooked in person."  

How have customers reacted to the new 3D virtual tours?

"They react the same way we did when we first saw it. We were blown away that it was possible to take a realistic tour of any space and immediately become immersed in the experience."  

Family RV Center is the first RV dealership in the Big Country to use 3D Virtual Tour technology to enhance the customer shopping experience. 

Take a 3D Virtual Tour of some of the Latest 2016 RV Models! 

2016 Sierra 387MKOK

2016 Sierra 387MKOK

2016 Raptor 398 King Bed Suite & Toy Hauler

2016 Raptor 398 King Bed Suite & Toy Hauler

Thank you to the Family RV Center Staff for the opportunity to bring 3D virtual tours to your customers and enhance the shopping experience.