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T47 productions

Carlson Properties Abilene's Staging Realtor

We had the pleasure of working with Beverly Carlson, Accredited Staging Professional, and Real Estate Broker for Carlson Properties.

We asked Beverly a few questions regarding professional staging and the use of professional photography, and here is what she had to say.

How important is staging a home for before listing it on-line?

Staged Formal Dinnig

"Staging a home before it goes online is no longer optional, but mandatory. The photos online are the buyer's first impression in most cases now.  Buyers are making their decision whether to consider a home by online photos and the decision is made in seconds!"

What made you decide T47 Productions was the right photography company for you?

"I chose T47 Productions for photos because I want the seller to have the best images online that are possible!  I was impressed with the photographer's experience and education.  During the photo shoot, I was impressed with the  care that the photographer took to get the best lighting for each photo."

Staged Master Bedroom

How have clients and colleagues reacted to the professional photography we provided of your work? 

"I have received many positive comments from friends and colleagues about these staged photos. The owners of the home are very pleased with both the staging and its photos!" 


What advice do you have for anyone trying to sell a home?

Staged Kitchen

"My advice for home sellers is to remember that your buyer is going to most likely see your house first in a photo online.  Use a professional photographer and don't even think about selling without staging first! I highly recommend Albert Noffsinger as your photographer!
My seven steps to getting ready to sell are:
1. Clean home inside and outside including windows, 
2. Declutter all counters, shelves, and closets of books, papers, and excess.
3. Pre-pack out-of-season goods, sports items, and any collections.  
4. Patch nail holes and do any minor repairs.
5. Professionally Stage home.
6. Professionally Photograph home.
7. Place for-sale sign in yard."

Thank you Beverly for sharing some helpful tips for home sellers to prep their homes for sale.  In addition, thank you for the opportunity to work with you and produce professional imagery of homes to set a new standard in professional real estate listing.  

If you would like to view the listing of the home check out

Family RV Center Launches 3D Virtual Tours!

We had the pleasure of scanning 55 New RVs in 5 days to bring 3D Virtual Tours to the Family RV Center website and enhance the shopping experience.

Now customers can explore virtual tours of Luxury RVs from anywhere, at anytime, from any device with a truly immersive realistic experience.

We asked a few questions from the owner Gabe Cherry of Family RV Center to get his thoughts on this new technology, and here is what he had to say.      

What made you decide 3D virtual tours were right for your business?

"We are always looking for new ways to engage our customers and enhance their shopping experience with Family RV Center.  3D virtual tours were a natural step in providing our customers greater access to our large inventory to shop for the perfect RV.  We have clients from all over the country that specifically come to buy from us because we have the largest and most diverse RV inventory in west Texas and this new technology makes it easier for customers to see what we currently have in stock, get a realistic feel for the space,  and then come see us in person." 

Do you think 3D virtual tours will deter people from coming out to see new RVs when shopping?

"Virtual Tours are not going to replace the shopping experience customers receive when they come to Family RV Center in person.  Instead, it gives them a realistic idea of what to expect when they come to see a new RV for the first time in person. After a customer comes to us to see an RV, we can send them a link to our 3D virtual tours. This gives them an opportunity to go home and re-live the experience of being in the RV they are interested in.  That can help customers decide which model better fits their needs without missing any specific features that may have been overlooked in person."  

How have customers reacted to the new 3D virtual tours?

"They react the same way we did when we first saw it. We were blown away that it was possible to take a realistic tour of any space and immediately become immersed in the experience."  

Family RV Center is the first RV dealership in the Big Country to use 3D Virtual Tour technology to enhance the customer shopping experience. 

Take a 3D Virtual Tour of some of the Latest 2016 RV Models! 

2016 Sierra 387MKOK

2016 Sierra 387MKOK

2016 Raptor 398 King Bed Suite & Toy Hauler

2016 Raptor 398 King Bed Suite & Toy Hauler

Thank you to the Family RV Center Staff for the opportunity to bring 3D virtual tours to your customers and enhance the shopping experience.

Abilene Business Expo 2016

Abilene Business Expo 2016

Come see us at the Abilene Business Expo on Wednesday, 23 March from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm at the Abilene Civic Center.  We will have live 3D Virtual Tour demos to check out and explore.

12th Armored Division Museum 3D Showcase.

We would like to thank the 12th Armored Division Museum in Abilene for the opportunity to create a 3D virtual tour to enhance the experience and boost interest in the museum.

We scanned a little over 14,000sqft and were even able to go outside and create a tour around one of the Willy's Jeeps.

The museum will now be able to draw in more visitors while creating an interactive, emotional, and meaningful experience.

Click Here To learn more about the 12th Armored Division Museum in Abilene Texas.

Enjoy the Virtual Tour!

Below are some images taken from the 3D Virtual Tour that highlight some key features in the museum. The great thing about this technology is after a scan is complete you can take snap shots right from the tour.

Thank you to the 12th Armored Division staff, Museum Curator, and Executive Director.