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Frequently Ask Questions about T47 Productions

Where did you get the name T47 Productions?

Well, it all started when I was station overseas in Okinawa, Japan in 2009.  I just started freelancing as a graphic designer and I wanted a unique name.  At the time I was going 24hrs a day, 7 days a week as active duty Military, attending Graphic Design school, Photoshop Instructor, and freelancing on the side.  I wanted to use the "24/7" in some way and when I searched the internet there were many companies using it in various ways to include the cheesy ways well.  I decided to shorten it up and came up with "T47" after spelling out "Twenty" and then I started playing around with logo ideas.  Once I was happy with the name and the logo, I started looking for domain names to buy and lock in before they disappeared and I would have to change my whole plan again. 

I went through an identity crisis for about three years; I started with "T47 Designs" since I was doing mostly graphic design work, logos, posters, and basic website layout designs.  After a while, I started getting into photography and then I changed the name to "T47 Photography".  It took me less time to realize that was not the name for my company either and as the photography business took off I was still doing design work and photography creating advertisements for products, services, and various other jobs that required both graphic design and photography experience. 

I started getting into video work off and on with side projects for the Photography and Photoshop courses by creating instructional videos.  I had landed photography contracts with some large organizations in Okinawa and that is when it dawned on me "you need to think larger, scalable, and more relate able to the commercial industry looking for a professional production company". 

There it was "T47 Productions" and so I changed the name once more, purchased another domain, and locked everything in.  The new name fit better with the target market I was going for and short, simple, and gets to the point.  The next step was to get back to the U.S., file for the LLC, and begin working towards that long-term goal to become a premiere production company.